Value Proposition


In order to maintain our competitive edge in the mechanical industry, we believe in value creation and providing a win-win-win solution that benefits our clients, our suppliers and our employees. That is why, in Histotech, we strive to not only provide you with the products of the highest quality, but also to innovate and create the best value-added service for our clients. 


One-Stop Mechanical Solution

From conceptual design to product realisation, from Prototype testing to mass production, every module is crucial to the quality and functionality of your product. This is why, in Histotech, we strive to provide the most comprehensive mechanical solution and provide the best support for you in each module; In Histotech, we are capable of providing you with an All-In-One solution for all your mechenical needs.


Project Management

We have establish a dedicated team of people with different expertise to support all your mechanical needs. With skills ranging from design for manufacturing (DFM) to technical sourcing, from process improvement to in-house manufacturing, our team will help you optimise cost and time, without forgoing product quality. 


Supply Chain Management

Why deal with tens and hundreds of suppliers when you can get everything done with just one. Our expertise in supply chain management will help manage your products' supply chain from sourcing to negotiation, purchasing to inventory to delivery. By localising and centralising your supply chain, you will be able to better monitor your supply chain at keeping cost to its minimum.