Reverse engineering 


Have you ever came across a machining part that is obsolete or is difficult to acquire? In Histotech, we believe a good machine shall continue performing as long as it meets expectations. We have mastered the technique of reverse engineering; we are capable of reproducing parts from product sample. With our comprehensive supply chain, we will be able to acquire material information to replicate parts of equal or better quality. The service of your machines shall see another day.

Design Optimisation

We believe that innovation is the core of all product development; and the key towards innovation is design optimisation. Our engineers are capable of developing high number of iterations based on the given parameters and a base model; improving the ergonomics and reducing its cost without forgoing its functionality and quality. With the aid of modern design tools, such as CAD, FEA, CFD, we are able to present the results in matrix form for us to evaluate all the possibilities.

Application Design


A project is starts off with engineers collecting vital informations to drive the functionality and application of the design. With these information, our team will develop 3D packages to help our clients to understand and visualise the concepts. By collecting input from our clients, we will continue to conduct further investigation and drive improvements on the ergonomics of the design. Simulations will be done prior to first prototype to minimise the errors. Gradually, but surely, we are able to reduce the cost and time, while enhancing the quality and functionality of the product.

Cost Optimisation


Moving forward towards IoT (Internet of Things), we foresee the demand to mechanical goods towards a wider variety of packages, with smaller order quantity to each. Hence, equipment manufacturers face tougher challenges to meet the changes in demand.  With 23 years of experiences serving the semi-con industry, we understand the applications and functions of the production aids used in the industry, which enables our engineers to enhance design to provide competitive cost structure, while meeting total functionality. 

Build To Print

In Histotech, we value the effort put into developing engineering ideas and concepts. This is why we have put in a lot of time and effort to protect the intellectual properties (IP) of our clients. Our client's engineering concept and drawing are highly valued and protected within the strategic team. Our engineers recreates all the drawings using our in-house template before circulating the drawings to start production. This way, we are able to ensure the utmost privacy of your IPs.