Humble beginnings

Histotech Engineering was founded in the year 1992, with only a headcount of 5 in a shop lot located in Air Itam, Penang. We started our journey with limited resources and manpower, but with steady organic growth, we were able to expand our profile of services and facilities to provide the best services to our customers. In the year 2000, we upgraded to the new plant with a more strategic location and better infrastructure. With continuous positive effort, we have established our company as a top mechanical engineering firm  in the international arena.     


'Innovating the world indirectly' 

Why indirectly? As our clients are pioneers and key players in their relevant industries, with each new creation they create revolutionary positive change in the world. We strive to provide the best engineering solution and manufacturing capabilities for our client so that they can focus on their core competencies and continue their revolutionary work. We truly believe that, by providing the best service for our clients, we will innovate the world indirectly. 


- Co-engineering innovative and efficient solutions with all stakeholders to deliver competitive offering.
- Building business alliances globally to provide comprehensive value creation supply chain solution. 
- Facilitating the growth of all stakeholders such as employees , clients, suppliers and society.  

In order to fulfill our role in the society and create a better environment with our affections, we hold firmly to our mission. While we endeavor to enhance our own capabilities, we also focus on the wholesomeness of the ecosystem; we wish to form strong networks within society to provide the best service to our customers and society.